You’ve heard me talk a lot about this real food a lot and if you’ve come to visit me you would have seen what I have on offer. But you may be wondering what exactly this ‘real’ food is and how we design our menu to match this philosophy. Simply put, it’s food that has the simplest supply chain. It’s vegetables, fruit, whole grains and protein. It’s the food you can eat everyday that leaves you feeling great.  

So what does this mean?
Basically the more stages a component in a dish has to go through to get to your plate, the more processed the food is. Therefore the harder your body has to work to break that food down and the less micronutrients it contains. 

For example bread, leaving aside the gluten component, contains water, sugar (for the yeast to feed on) salt and flour. These are of course the most basic ingredients and some bread can have many more. Let’s consider the flour component. Wheat is planted in a field, sprayed (unless organic) with pesticides & fungicides during the growth phase, harvested, transported, dehusked, milled and bleached (if white flour). Some flours are also ‘enriched’ with synthetic vitamins and minerals. This flour is then mixed in with other ingredients, baked and made into bread. 

A food that contains so much processing from farm to plate is certainly a consideration for consumption. Certainly the quality? Whilst I have some bread options, I chose to use an organic sourdough in small portion sizes. I then accompany these options with simple real food at a 2:1 ratio. That way you’re getting a nutrient dense option whilst still being able to eat a food I know you love. 

Good food and food that’s good for you. 



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